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Concurrency State Models and Java Programs | Edition: 2

Concurrency State Models and Java Programs | Edition: 2

Author: Jeff Magee, Jeff Kramer
ISBN: 9780470093559
publisher: Wiley
publisher Date: 07/05/2006
Price: 77.35
eBookPrice: 71.5
Schools: Unversity of Mississippi
Description: Concurrency provides a thoroughly updated approach to the basic concepts and techniques behind concurrent programming. Concurrent programming is complex and demands a much more formal approach than sequential programming. In order to develop a thorough understanding of the topic Magee and Kramer present concepts, techniques and problems through a variety of forms: informal descriptions, illustrative examples, abstract models and concrete Java examples. These combine to provide problem patterns and associated solution techniques which enable students to recognise problems and arrive at solutions. New features include: New chapters covering program verification and logical properties. More student exercises. Supporting website contains an updated version of the LTSA tool for modelling concurrency, model animation, and model checking. Website also includes the full set of state models, java examples, and demonstration programs and a comprehensive set of overhead slides for course presentation.