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Using MIS | Edition: 8

Using MIS | Edition: 8

Author: David Kroenke, Randall J Boyle
ISBN: 9780133919868
publisher: Prentice Hall
publisher Date: 01/07/2015
Price: 235.6
eBookPrice: 141
Schools: Unversity of Mississippi
Description: NOTE: You are purchasing a standalone product; MyMISLab does not come packaged with this content. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MyMISLab search for ISBN-10: 0134058453 /ISBN-13: 9780134058450. That package includes ISBN-10: 0133919862/ISBN-13: 9780133919868 and ISBN-10: 0133921980 /ISBN-13: 9780133921984 . For undergraduate Introductory Management Information Systems courses As technology continues to change the way organizations do business, knowledge of MIS is critical. Using MIS shows you how businesses use information systems to solve business problems every day. Illustrative cases, exercises, projects, and other aids ensure you connect concepts to everyday life. Unique Guides in each chapter highlight themes in ethics, security, and other timely topics. With a new edition publishing each year, Using MIS keeps you up to date.Personalize Learning with MyMISLabTM MyMISLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them better absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.