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Zhang Boli
Affiliation:Beijing university of Chinese medicine dongzhimen hospital Key pharmacology laboratory authorized by China's ministry of education China academy of traditional Chinese medicine Tianjin college of traditional Chinese medicine The ministry of education of medical professional teaching steering committee The Chinese academy of engineering Professional committee of the Chinese society of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with cardiovascular disease tianjin university of Chinese medicine
Subject:Internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine   
Introduction: Professor Zhang is mainly engaged in basic research for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Holding the study of vascular dementia(VD), he made the Grouping criteria of VD and treatment scheme according to stable, fluctuating and aggravating phases. Treated with the methodology of Yi-shen Hua-zhuo, the effective rate of 360 patients with VD is up to 39.3% markedly. He established the study method of cerebrospinal fluid pharmacology, revealed the mechanism of protective effect of Chinese Materia Medica on nerve cell, and won the Second Grade National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. Through extensive sampling of clinical epidemiological survey, he firstly identified the developing rule of syndrome and premonition of stroke, and started the comparing study for general treatment of stroke in acute stage and formulated individualized combined therapy plan, and won the First Grade Prize for Progress in Science and Technology awarded by the Ministry of Education. Professor Zhang has successively taken charge of two 973 projects: Basic Research of Key Problem in Prescription Science and Basic Research of Prescription Compatibility,established the new pattern and optimum designing of modern Chinese materia medica with constituents compatibility, achieved the international advanced level, and won the Second Grade National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. As the head of Prescription key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, the vice-president of China Association of Integrative Medicine, the associate commissioner of Medical Department of China Association of Chinese Medicine, Professor Zhang has cultivated over one hundred doctors and masters, published more than 120 papers, with 16 patents authorized.

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