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Alec Broers
Affiliation:University of Cambridge Department of Engineering
Subject:Foreign academicians   

Prof. Alec N. Broers, born in 1938, developed the earliest nanostructures (gold-palladium wires, 50 nm in width) in the world in early 1960s. In 2005, he was elected foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Since 1960s, Prof. Alec N. Broers has led a scientific research group engaged in applying the technology of electron and photon optics to data application and storage. In 1980, he was responsible for the R&D of high-velocity electron operation in IBM maxicomputer main.

In 1984, Prof. Alec N. Broers returned to Cambridge University, becoming a professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, and in 1996, he became the President of Cambridge University. Since 2001, he has been the President of Royal Academy of Engineering.

He once worked at Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Prime Minister Council for Science and Technology, the NATO Nanotechnology Professional Council. He was elected foreign member of Australian Academy of Technical Sciences and American National Academy of Engineering, and is a member of American Philosophical Society. Owing to his contribution to scientific research and education, he was knighted by British Royal Family in 1998, and in 2004, he was bestowed the title of lord, and in the same year, elected President of Science and Technology Committee, UK House of Lords. Prof. Alec N. Broers is very friendly to China, and pays great attention to exchanges and cooperation in engineering technology and higher education between the two countries. He has been, more than once, invited to China to attend academic activities.

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