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IKCEST, ICEE and XuetangX held the “IKCEST & ICEE International Engineering Education Workshop for Africa 2017” in Beijing on November 5–14, 2017. 14 international students from developing African countries such as Kenya, Zambia, and Ghana attended the 10-day event. These foreign students represented many universities across China, with their professional backgrounds covering civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aviation, electronic information, and other engineering special field. Cherishing this opportunity very much, they actively learned from and exchanged with the lecturers and engineering students of Tsinghua University.


Several professors of Tsinghua University gave excellent lectures to these students respectively. The workshop broadened the vision and built up the confidence of these African students, who said that, inspired by their lecturers, they aspired to become not merely an outstanding engineer, but ones with a global vision as well. They also visited the Chinese Academy of Engineering, IKCEST headquarter, the Ministry of Education Research Center for Online Education and XuetangX, where they learned how excellent MOOCs of Tsinghua University were produced. They said MOOC made learning easier and more interesting and available anywhere, at any time. In the end, the students received training on the IKCEST system, conducted online registration and took an online exam. After 10 days, all African students completed their learning tasks, passed the final exam, and were awarded the IKCEST & ICEE certificate.


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