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2018 ICEE&IKCEST International Engineering Education Training Workshop, hosted by ICEE and IKCEST and organized by XuetangX.comwas held at Tsinghua University on October 12-14. A total of 16 overseas students from 10 developing countries along the “Belt and Road”, including Bangladesh, Zambia, and Kazakhstan, took part in the workshop. All of these students major in engineering, specifically covering the civil engineering, information communication, computer science and technology, and the like. LIU Chang, Deputy Director of the Office of Knowledge Center, General Office, Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and IKCEST head of International Cooperation Affairs, WANG Sunyu, professor from Institute of Education Tsinghua University and Secretary General of ICEE, and LI Chao, President of XuetangX.com, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech.


Scholars and experts including Prof. SHI Jinghuan from the Institute of Education Tsinghua University, Prof. DENG Junhui from the Department of Computer Science and Technology, and ICEE foreign expert KANG Jincheng gave wonderful lessons respectively on such topics as China’s higher education in the context of globalization, data structures and algorithm design, as well as science, technology and innovation in China. Subsequently the trainees visited the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University History Museum, Fundamental Industry Training Center, and XuetangX.com headquarters.


After intense and busy learning, the trainees successfully completed their studies and passed the final test. This workshop is the offline training part of the blended training on micro-diploma of computer science. The online training had been completed smoothly in August, with more than 900 online learners from all over the world. The workshop had its offline trainees through selection. 


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