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IKCEST DRR collaborated with Mongolian National University for investigation of grassland degradation and China-Mongolia railway disaster risk in Mongolia

Professor Juanle Wang and his five team members of IKCEST DRR went to Mongolia to conduct collaborative research and field investigations with the Mongolian National University on August 12-22, 2018.

Professor Juanle Wang, project technical director of the IKCEST Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service, exchanged views on land use and land cover change and their environmental effects in Mongolia with Professor Ochir Altansukh, School of Engineering and Applied Science of the National University of Mongolia. After two days of academic exchange, the DRR team and the staffs of National University of Mongolia launched the grassland degradation and China-Mongolia railway disaster risk survey. The field work focused on the sampling of land cover types, grassland biomass and soil physical properties in the main geographical transition zones and road facilities of the central and eastern of Mongolia. And it will provide more basic data support for collaborative research and other land cover data products.

During this scientific investigation, DRR team obtained first-hand field survey data and have conducted full exchanges and discussions on Mongolia's resources and environment and risks along the China-Mongolia railway. It will contribute to the disaster risk reduction in the Mongolia Plateau.

Fig 1 : Grassland data collection


Fig 2 : Soil data collection


Fig 3 : Group photo of investigators



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