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Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service System promotes user experience for service


Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service System (DRR) of IKCEST provides knowledge services in disaster prevention and mitigation data catalogs, disaster scientific data resources, knowledge services applications, disaster maps, training videos and tutorials, for different countries and regions. The main users of DRR could be divided into five categories: first, UNESCO and other international organizations or institutions; second, disaster prevention and mitigation related government agencies and management technicians; third, scientific and technological workers engaged in disaster prevention and mitigation; fourth, higher education institutions; and fifth, the publics.


From June 2017 to June 2018, the website of the DRR has been visited 1041 times each month on average. 806 times of the visit are from China and 235 times are from abroad . The average times of browsing of this website are around 1183 times. The percentage of foreign users browsing the website is 24.47%. The dominant source of the page view of the website is from direct users which accounts for 66.49%, and the search engine accounts for 25.99%. There are 92 data sets, 6 applications are released on the chief platform (IKCEST). The total amount of clicks for data and the number of clicks for applications increased apparently. The total number of the registered users is 91 up to June of 2018.


The developers found that the website is designed open to users and has a low threshold. Many resources can be accessed/downloaded without registration, which results in thatthe number of registered users does not grow evidently. And there are also some other technique issues, like pagination problems in background management, map library classification, etc.


Therefore , the website has made some promotion: ① For data sets, teaching, popular science video and so on, users need to log in to view the complete video or download the related files.② In order to facilitate the management of the site, a new wiki management has been added in the background. At the same time, a pagination function has been added to facilitate managers to look up the map of the website. ③ Only the disaster maps are retained in maps, and they are divided into China historical disasters, earthquake disasters, flood disasters, biological disasters, meteorological disasters, geological disasters, raster and vector maps, in total of 8 categories, making it easy for users to browse and view.




Provided by the IKCEST Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service System

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