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IKCEST Silk Road Training Program attending the World-Class Universities Expo in Xi’an

On the morning of May 13th, the opening ceremony of 2018 World-Class Universities Expo in Xi’an was held in Xi’an Jiaotong University. Wang Yongkang, Secretary of Xi’an Municipal Committee, Zhang Maizeng, secretary of the party committee of XJTU, and Wang Shuguo, President of XJTU and others leaders attended the ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Xi Guang, Vice President of XJTU, and representatives of 87 universities from 26 countries attended the Expo.

Wang Yongkang, Secretary of Municipal Committee, on behalf of Xi’an Municipal Committee and Xi’an Municipal Government, expressed his sincere congratulations to the successful holding of the Expo. He mentioned that Xi’an Municipal Government would promote universities’ international communication and support foreign students’ innovation with the best resources available and first class service. The silk road was not only a route for commercial and business, but also a platform to establish close tie and friendship between China and countries along it. He hoped that the UASR would be the bond of communication among universities around the world in culture, technology and education.

Wang Shuguo, president of XJTU, pointed out that youth was the future of the world, and UASR would stay true to the principal of opening up and communication, promoting the communication between young people from all around the world. He wished that there would be more cooperation among all universities in the field of education and research with the help of UASR platform.

During the opening ceremony, international students from XJTU performed An Sai Waist Drum, students from Art Club of XJTU performed Acapella, and students from Kyrgyzstan performed traditional dance, which all deeply impressed the representatives.

Then Wang Yongkang, Zhang Maizeng, Wang Shuguo and other senior leaders announced the opening of the Expo by putting golden powders on the screen.

After the ceremony, Wang Yongkang, companied by Wang Shuguo and Zhang Maizeng, visited all universities’ seats and inquired about the development of the universities.

During the Expo, representatives from Malaysia Education Department and MIPT showed great interest to IKCEST Silk Road Training Program and expressed their wish for further cooperation. They also wished that the communication platform of education can be built together, promoting the collaboration between different universities.

During the exhibition, Professor Qian Buyue, on behalf of IKCEST Silk Road Training Base, were invited to attend The 4th UASR Committee Meeting, and reported on the detail and future plan of Silk Road Training Program to 18 permanent university members’ presidents and vice presidents, including HIT, PolyU, BMSTU, KazNU, NU, POLIMI, NRUMPE, UL, UNSW, NUST, Busan University, ESE, UWS, Benha University and so on.

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