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Edward Crawley, Co-director of the Advisory Board of ICEE, Receives the 2017 Chinese Government Friendship Award

Prof. Edward Crawley, Ford Professor of Engineering, MIT & Co-director of the Advisory Board of ICEE, was awarded the 2017 Chinese Government Award and addressed the awarding ceremony as one of the three representatives on behalf of the award winners. The Chinese Government Friendship Award represents the highest honorary award established in appreciation of foreign experts that make outstanding contributions to China’s modernization drive. This year's award went to 50 foreign experts from 21 countries.

Ji ZHOU, President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and Xiaohong LI, Secretary of Party Committee of the CAE, met with Prof. Edward Crawley on September 30 at the CAE, where they expressed their gratitude to Prof. Edward Crawley for the great contributions he made to promoting international cooperation in Chinese engineering education. Present in the meeting were Si YUAN, Deputy Director of Tsinghua University Council & Executive Director of ICEE; Guokai WU, Office Director of Educational Committee of the CAE; Sunyu WANG, Deputy Director & Secretary-general of ICEE, among others.

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