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IKCEST Silk Road Training Base and Xi 'an International Trade & Logistics Park Collaborate in Student Education to Serve the Belt and Road Countries

In order to promote the continuous and innovative development of IKCEST Silk Road Training Base and to play a leading role in university-enterprise collaboration in Belt and Road student education, On June 23, 2017, Professor Zheng Qinghua, vice President of Xi 'an Jiaotong University, visited Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park (XITLP) and exchanged the idea of making the Park as a Practicum Base for Belt and Road International Students from IKCEST Silk Road Training Base. They also discussed collaboration in educating students to be qualified to work at the Park where China (Shaanxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone is located.

In the accompany of Qu Jinwei, general manager of Xi 'an International Trade and Logistics Group Corporation, Vice-president Zheng Qinghua visited construction sites of Planning Exhibition Hall, Midwestern Inland Port Financial Town, Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Shaanxi Free Trade Zone LENPO Cross-border Shopping Center, Railway Container Center and said that IKCEST Silk Road Training Base is established by IKCEST under the auspices of UNESCO and supported by XJTU. In order to respond to Belt and Road Initiative, it aims at the demand for qualified workers for the countries along the Silk Road. XITLP, full of enthusiasm and energy of entrepreneurship, is a window of Shaanxi to connect the world. To develop the free trade zone, we must learn about the rules commonly practiced in the international community, China's actual conditions, and the situation of Shaanxi province. With the needs of the enterprises of XILTP, IKCEST Silk Road Training Base can play its role in educating students to be qualified workers for XITLP by creating a new model of talent cultivation: "government guided, demand driven, university-enterprise collaborating, production and education combined". The establishment of Practicum Base for Belt and Road International Students from IKCEST Silk Road Training Base would cultivate international talents for foreign enterprises in free trade zone, enhance the ability to serve the enterprises of XILTP, make “IKCEST Silk Road Training Base” better serve Belt and Road Initiative, and make the collaboration between the XILTP and IKCEST Silk Road Training Base more pragmatic and play a leading role in China. 



Sun Yimin, director of Management Committee of XILTP, stated that since China (Shaanxi) Free Trade Zone was formally established, XILTP has received more and more attention from the outside world. Now, XILTP is in urgent need of a large number of talents working for Belt and Road and free trade enterprises. He hopes to strengthen collaboration with IKCEST Silk Road Training Base at XJTU in talent cultivation to contribute to the construction of the free trade. Meanwhile, He also expressed his agreement in making XITLP as Practicum Base for International Students from IKCEST Silk Road Training Base, and design courses that cover cross-border e-commerce, multimodal transport and China-European cargo shipments by trains. Director Sun said that these will help the economic development of the countries along the Silk Road.

After the talk, the plans for implementing the suggestions of the two parties are being drafted. 

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