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IKCEST International Training Workshop 2015 Held in Hangzhou

The IKCEST International Training Workshop 2015, hosted by the International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology under the Auspices of UNESCO (shortened as “IKCEST”) and organized by the College of Computer Science of Zhejiang University, was held in Hangzhou from December 3 to 9,2015.

The training workshop, themed on “Big Data Technology Application and Knowledge Service”, aims to provide technicians and management personnel of the category 2 centres under the auspices of UNESCO with training courses on data processing and analysis to help them build capabilities in the field of engineering science and technology.

Some 40 students from 15 category 2 centres took part in the training workshop, including 10 foreign students from Malaysia, Iran, Kenya and Nigeria, etc.

The training courses were jointly given by experts from the IKCEST platform development team, the IKCEST research team from the College of Computer Science of Zhejiang University, as well as its sub-centres , with contents including introduction of IKCEST, basic knowledge of big data and its application in various specialized fields, cloud storage, as well as specific knowledge service systems of the IKCEST. The training courses were followed by technical discussions and visits to help the students have intuitive and profound understanding of the IKCEST and big data. In one word, the training courses were well received.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Liu Chang, Director of Division of International Cooperation of IKCEST. Hans Dencker Thulstrup, Programme Specialist for Natural Sciences of the UNESCO Beijing Office, and Yi Jian, Executive Deputy Director of IKCEST, addressed the ceremony. Zhuang Yueting, President of the College of Computer Science of Zhejiang University, attended the ceremony and introduced the technical centre of IKCEST.

The training workshop was the first of its kind hosted by the IKCEST since its establishment. By providing targeted training to staff members at the Category 2 centres, IKCEST helped the trainees enhance their skills in data analysis, mining and processing, discussed the IKCEST’s user needs and development objecives and approaches and explored the possibility of data resource cooperation between IKCEST and other Category 2 centres. During the technical discussions, participants from several Category 2 centres expressed strong intent of cooperating with the IKCEST in such areas as resource-sharing alliance, knowledge service and training program development. The training workshop was a great success, as it strengthened the connections between various Category 2 centres, expanded the influence of the IKCEST and laid a solid foundation for the centres to share resources and carry out cooperation in the future.


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