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A Group Of Young Moslawis Paint Neighborhood Blue to Emulate Chefchaouen

“The initiative put a smile on peoples face,” said Myassar Al-Shekhawy

Myassar Al-Shekhawy

“Rwad Al Ataa” , a group of Iraqi youth in Mosul, repainted an old neighborhood to emulate Chefchaouen’s signature blue after the city sustained significant damage due to conflict.

“The initiative put a smile on peoples face,” said Myassar Al-Shekhawy, an active volunteer in Mosul that took part in the initiative. “The residents of Al-Mashahada neighborhood love it, the community is very happy”.

“The color blue was chosen because it comforts the local population,” added Al-Shekhawy, we were inspired by Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl of Morocco. The project took only two weeks to complete.

“This will leave a print and hopefully this initiative can be implemented in other areas in Mosul,” added Ahmad Omar, a resident of the Al-Mashahada neighborhood, also known as the “blue neighborhood”.

Mosul is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is one of the largest cities in Iraq, rich in history, heritage, and culture. In Arabic, the name Mosul means "the one that connects”. For millennia, Mosul was a strategic crossing point on the Tigris River, connecting north to south, east to west.