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The 21st “Training Programme for Silk Road Engineering Science and Technology Development” on New Energies and Energy Technologies
Event Report


The 21st IKCEST Training Programme for Silk Road Engineering Science and Technology Development themed on New Energies and Energy Technologies was held in Xingqing Campus of Xi’an Jiaotong University from December 2nd to December 10th. It was co-hosted by the International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology (IKCEST) under the Auspices of UNESCO and Xi’an Jiaotong University, and organized by IKCEST Silk Road Training Base. A total of 62 foreign students from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xidian University, Chang’an University registered for the workshop. They are from countries along the Silk Road including Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Peru, etc. 


On the opening ceremony, Gong Wending, Deputy Director of Social Education Management Department of Xi’an Jiaotong University, expressed his ardent expectations for the students. He hoped that the students would not only be able to become talented, but also serve the country after they return to their homes and make their contributions to the Silk Road.


This workshop focused on the topic of New Energies and Energy Technologies. The workshop included lectures such as Combustion: Spark of Civilization, Turbomachinery and Its Energy Transformation, The Present Situation and Development Trend of Modern Energy Science and Technology, New technology for Energy Harvesting via Environment Cleaning, Novel Refrigerating and Heat Pump Technology, Principle and Key Equipments of New Compressed-Air Energy Storage (CAES), The Historical and Cultural Background of the Belt and Road, etc. They also visited to the Land Port Group.


Till now, there have been 21 IKCEST Training Programmes for Silk Road Engineering Science and Technology Development. As an important mission of the IKCEST Silk Road Training Base, this training programme plays an important role in cultivating talents and promoting "the Belt and Road Initiative". In the meantime, it is also exploring the development direction for projects initiated by XJTU, such as University Alliance of the New Silk Road and Silk Road Academy.


The International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology (shortened as “IKCEST”) is a category II centre under the auspices of UNESCO. IKCEST was established on June 2, 2014. The Chinese Academy of Engineering is responsible for the operation and management of the IKCEST. IKCEST aims at providing knowledge-based services at a global scale in the form of consultancies, scientific research and education for policy-makers and engineering science and technology professionals in the world, with particular reference to the developing countries. In February 2017, based in Xi'an Jiaotong University, IKCEST Silk Road Training Base was established, which aims to train more engineering and technological talents for Belt-Road countries.