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2017 Global (Shanghai) Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit held in Shanghai

On 30th August morning, 2017 Global (Shanghai) Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit was successfully held in West Bund Art Center, Shanghai. Nearly one thousand participants from various circles, including government officials and industry experts, were present at this summit. Hosted by Professor Wu Zhiqiang, Vice President of Tongji University, Director of the Intelligent City Knowledge Service System of the International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology (IKCEST), the summit had six topics: The Power of Innovation, Artificial Intelligence on the Run, Artificial Intelligence Be Master of Future, Intelligent Manufacturing under New Wave of Artificial Intelligence, Innovation Process Digitalization with Artificial Intelligence and China's AI Renaissance. After the speeches, some guests started a high-level dialogue on New Opportunity for Artificial Intelligence and Industry Development.

In the afternoon, World Urban Planning Artificial Intelligence (WUPAI) Sub-Forum was held successfully. It was a high-level forum combining Artificial Intelligence with Urban Planning for the first time in the world. The forum gathered top experts, scholars and enterprisers in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Urban Planning around the world to discuss about the exploration of urban regularities and intelligent assistance on planning, and to research about the binding point between Artificial Intelligence and Urban Planning, as well as to depict the future of Intelligent Planning.


The summit was hosted by Tongji University and IKCEST (International Knowledge Center for Engineering Science and Technology), and co-hosted by Urban Planning Society of China, Chinese Society for Urban Studies, Artificial Intelligence Union, China Intelligent Urbanization Co-Creation Center for High Density Region and Shanghai Tongji Science-park CO.,LTD.


On the WUPAI summit, World Urban Planning Artificial Intelligence League announced its foundation, and at the same time, published the Declaration of World Urban Planning Artificial Intelligence to the world.


Professor Wu Zhiqiang’s report entitled Artificial Intelligence and Urban Planning marked the beginning of the session of keynote speeches. Then, Partner and Vice Director of Alibaba Corporation, Director of AliCloud Corporation Hu Xiaoming, Deputy Director of General Administration Department, Chinese Academy of Engineering Liu Chang, Chief Scientist of Ping An Technology Corporation Director of Intelligence Engine Department of the Corporation Xiao Jing as well as Co-founder of Yitutech Corporation Lin Chenxi, all made excellent speeches combining theory and practice in their respective fields. The interweaving of theory and technology brought the atmosphere of the conference to a climax.


At the end of this summit, Professor Wu Zhiqiang hosted a roundtable discussion, inviting Professor at College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University Wang De, Professor at School of Software Engineering, Tongji university Cao Buyang, Vice Director and Chief Consultant Expert of China Information Technology Limited Corporation of ESRI Cai Xiaobing, Chief Engineer of Guangzhou Territorial Resource and Planning Committee Yang Tangtang and Secretary General of Urban Planning New Technology Application Committee of Urban Planning Society of China Hu Hai to attend, where they discussed the future of Artificial Intelligence and Urban Planning.

This summit and sub-forum provided a precious discussing and learning opportunity for academic circles and industries. As the beginning of constructing a future China’s high-end and cutting-edge communication platform on Artificial Intelligence, which is industry-university-research cooperated, the summit, with so much enlightenment, thinking and collision of wisdom, will definitely have a positive and far-reaching influence on the future of technology research and industrial innovation concerned with Artificial Intelligence in China.

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