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Online system records voluntary commitments to Sendai Framework

By logging commitments in an open and accessible platform, stakeholders can inform the public about their work while identifying crossover with others in the field and potential partners with whom to collaborate to maximise impact.


In turn, UNISDR can monitor and take stock of the work done to increase the effectiveness of stakeholders’ shared responsibility towards Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).


All submissions of voluntary commitments can be made online at starting from 31 December 2018. Even though the online platform is open for submission all year round, commitments submitted by 15 February 2019 will be included in the Analysis Report to be presented during the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction held in Geneva in May 2019.


The 2015 World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR), conducted in Sendai – Japan, identified the State as having the primary responsibility but also underlined the shared responsibility of stakeholders for DRR. As a result, member states called for specific and time-bound voluntary commitments by stakeholders at local, national, regional and global levels in line with DRR strategies and plans to support the implementation of the Sendai Framework.


All stakeholders (private sector, civil society organizations, academia, media, local governments, etc.) working on DRR can submit their commitments. Before making a submission, we invite stakeholders to read the Guidelines (to be available online shortly) which contains explanations on how to submit and follow-up on commitments. While only individuals representing institutional entities can submit VCs, account holders and the general public can search information, subscribe for notifications based on their interest and share information in social networks or other platforms.


A number of organizations made commitments before and during the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) in 2015. Since then, significant progress has been made with their initiatives. In addition to being open for brand-new commitments, the online platform recognize commitments previously announced.


For more information, please contact us at or visit the on-line platform



  • United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Office in Japan (UNISDR Office Japan ), 62753


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